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employee leasing

“Employee leasing” or “staff leasing” is an arrangement where main apron GmbH as the professional employer organization (PEO) and a client company in which the PEO takes the position as the official employer to an employee, but the employee works for the client company. The benefit of this for the client company is that they have an employee that undergoes day-to-day tasks within the company but the HR responsibilities, such as payroll and employee tax withholding are outsourced to main apron GmbH.
The employment duties met by main apron GmbH and the company are shared between both, so that main apron GmbH has responsibility for reporting wages and employment taxes, whereas the company has responsibility for the employee’s day-to-day work. main apron GmbH is able to take control of the taxes, employee benefits, and contributions that are required when dealing with payroll which means that the company does not have to handle this.

direct placement

Direct placement refers to the bringing together of a potential employee and a prospective employer for the purpose of a permanent employment relationship.
It is a hiring practice where main apron GmbH is utilized as a third-party agency to carry out the recruitment processes and administrative management of an open position, including posting the job advertisement, sourcing and reviewing resumes, screening and presenting candidates. The candidate might be then hired by the employer, meaning they are a permanent employee of the employer, not main apron GmbH. By working with main apron GmbH you are able to set parameters on the “must haves” and “nice-to-haves” for the recruiting process, which narrows greatly the irrelevant candidates from the hiring process

main academy

main apron GmbH is your experienced partner for training in airport and security-related topics.

Our trainings include, but are not limited to:

  • Passenger Handling: basic course passenger handling, customer service training, check-in systems
  • Flight Operations: basic course operations for turnaround coordinators
  • Dangerous Goods:
    • CBTA Modul I (former PK 9)
    • CBTA Modul M (former PK 10)
    • CBTA Model D/E (former PK 4/5)
    • CBTA Modul G/H (former PK 7/8)
    • CBTA Modul O (former PK 12)
  • Instruction according to ADR 1.3
  • Aviation security training according to Regulation (EU) No. 185/2010 and BMI decree:
    • Training for personnel performing security checks on mail and cargo
    • Training for personnel performing security checks on airport deliveries and onboard supplies
    • Training for personnel according to 11.2.6. or 11.2.7
    • Training for personnel conducting aircraft inspections or searches

main apron GmbH takes over the organization and communication for you.

You decide on in-house training in your classroom or if you prefer a training in our training center. Also training for individual staff is available.

Kindly get touch with us for any questions and inquiries: hello[at]main-apron.com

main supervision

main apron GmbH provides representation and supervision service at Frankfurt International Airport. We either support your local representative or act on behalf of the carrier.

We do provide passenger handling and aircraft handling supervision.

As per your request we take over communications with the airport authorities and ground handlers. We will represent you in. the Airline Operators Committee (AOC) and User Committee.

main apron GmbH is happy to support you in your start-up phase if FRA is added to your network.

Kindly get touch with uns for any questions and inquiries: hello[at]main-apron.com

main consulting

main apron GmbH accompanies you, your vision and your project with customized consulting to held you achieve your goals and exploit your full potential. As per your request you will be supported from founding your own company up to strategic business consulting, marketing and process optimization as well as financial consulting. main apron GmbH will develop a customized business plan that will serve as a strategic roadmap for your company and convince investors.

main apron GmbH supports you in developing efficient structures and work processes to ensure that your company runs smoothly. Benefit from an extensive network of suppliers, partners and potential future customers.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Send us your request for a noncommittal consultation.

Kindly get in touch with us for any questions and inquiries: hello[at]main-apron.com

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